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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monday Morning Movie Mania Premieres Today!

Ready for a little Monday Morning Movie Mania? (Or, Monday afternoon, if you, like me, are not a morning person.) Did you head over to Muvico or the Streets of Woodfield to catch a new movie this weekend? Better yet, did you save your cash and check out a great DVD from the library? Maybe you decided to Netflix it. Whatever it was, we'd love to hear about it. This is your chance to be the Siskel, Ebert, Roeper, or Gire of Des Plaines - all you have to do is watch a movie over the weekend, then write your review in our Comments section for the Monday Morning Movie Mania post. We're hoping this catches on and becomes a regular thing - like the Regular Guy who reviews movies on WXRT. But you have to contribute to make this work, so grab a cuppa, warm up your fingers and get to typing.

If you're curious, the Top Five Movies for the weekend of November 10-12, 2007, were:
"Bee Movie" - the animated hit featuring Jerry Seinfeld
"American Gangster" - Denzel Washington stars in this powerful drama
"Fred Claus" - this movie was shot right here in Chicago - I even have friends who star in one of the Christmas scenes!
"Lions for Lambs" - Tom Cruise returns to the big screen in a serious film, also starring Meryl Streep
"Dan in Real Life" - this well-rated charmer features the unlikely combo of Steve Carrell and and Juliette Binoche

Even if you didn't see a new movie this weekend, let us know what you saw and what you thought. You can also comment on other peoples' reviews. Just comment, for goodness' sakes!


  1. I saw Bee Movie with my son two weekends ago. It was a lot of fun -- Seinfeld makes for a great unsatisfied bee. Some of the jokes went over my 7-year-old's head, but overall we both enjoyed it. It's a honey -- or a lack thereof, as the plot line goes -- of a movie.

  2. I saw Dan in Real Life with my daughter this weekend. I enjoyed it. I think some of the best dramatic actors start out as comedic actors. Steve Carrell was believable as a single dad who is clueless but wants to do the right thing with his 3 daughters. He falls for his younger brother's new girlfriend and things get complicated . You are rooting for him even though you know someone is going to get hurt. BD

  3. I also saw Dan in Real Life this weekend and recommend it as well. Even though the story line was a bit cliched, Steve Carell was excellent as the father. He really seemed believable- just very Dad-like. The actors who play his children are also well cast. I especially enjoyed the middle child acting out against Dan when he separates her from her boyfriend (she screams out a great line "You're a murderer of love!"). I admit I was leery when I saw that Dane Cook was in the film (not a fan) but he was a lot more mellow then I thought he would be. I'd see it again.

  4. Lin & Ken & ToozNovember 13, 2007 at 1:28 PM

    This weekend we watched Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko" from the DPPL's 3rd floor Quick Pick collection. It's a sadly humorous take on the health care system (or lack of) in America. If you believe everything you see and hear in this DVD you'll be ready to move to Canada or France next week! Moore travels to Canada, France, Great Britain, and Cuba asking people how much they pay for their health care - basically nothing - and asks the question we all ask ourselves - why can't we have free health care too? Thought provoking, sad, and funny, all at once.

  5. I too saw Dan in Real Life. The movie completely surpassed any expectations I had going in. I agree with the other reviews, Steve Carrell did an amazing job. I would definitely recommend it.


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