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Friday, November 23, 2007

Whaddya you mean, you're "too full?"

Coordinator of Public Services Holly Richards-Sorensen reports that her mother, told to bring "only ONE pie" for yesterday's Thanksgiving dinner, still insisted on bringing two. She left one in the car, just in case. Isn't that just how Thanksgiving goes? And personally, I prefer it that way as opposed to the gloomy scenario of spending Turkey Day with someone who's counting calories and carbs and grams of fat every step of the way. I must prefer it that way: it occurred to me while writing this that I not only ate my share of turkey, stuffing, green beans and crab salad yesterday, but also a enormous helping of kolacky, an apple slice, chocolate covered pretzels, dulce de leche cheesecake...

On and on it went. How was your Thanksgiving? Quiet and reflective? Manic and noisy? I started out with a 9 AM church service, then immediately headed to mom and dad's, giving me the edge over my siblings on that platter of kolacky. We dine out on holidays, so there's no kitchen mess, no arguing over the gravy. What did you do? Does your family have any special Thanksgiving traditions - over and above everyone's traditions, like turkey, football and scouring the shopping ads? I did glance over the "door buster" offerings, but knowing I had to work here in the library today, I didn't have much interest in the sales. How about you? Were you buying jewelry, DVD players, digital frames and luggage at 4 AM? (If you were, you are probably sleeping now and not reading this blog.) How were the crowds at the malls and discounters?

Once you've settled into the leftovers tonight, take a few minutes to tell us how your Thanksgiving Day turned out - whether it was a holiday straight out of Martha Stewart's diary or a day full of turkey that wouldn't thaw, relatives that wouldn't stop complaining, a backed-up sink or a frozen 4 AM "let's get elbowed by strangers at Wal-Mart" kind of a holiday. If you've had enough of shopping, don't forget: the library is open all weekend and we won't charge you a thing for all the books, DVDs and CDs you can carry home. It's a "door buster" sale every day!

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  1. Just to let you know, Mom insisted I take the second pie home. It was delicious!


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