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Monday, August 17, 2009

Afraid your job application is at the bottom of the heap?

Make it King of the Mountain.

We have tons of great resources to help you assemble the perfect resumé, ace that interview and earn the job you deserve. Take advantage of:
  • Our newest online service, JobNow. Participate in sample interviews, get your resumé buffed up by experts in the field and search job listings. Get all the details.JobNow is free - anyone can use it on our public DPPL computers, or use it from home with your DPPL card.

  • Our Business/Careers Resource Center. Business news, career exploration, job hunting resources, resumé tips and much more, gathered into one convenient Web site. From here, you can also join our...

  • Business Twitter feed. Sign up to follow us on Twitter and you'll get a new job hunting tip every week (and nothing else - we won't spam you). You can also find these Twitter job tips in our Business/Careers Resource Center.

  • Join our free Job Seekers Group. Meets once a month, on the second Wednesday at 9:30 AM. Networking with others means sharing your talents and your opportunities. You might have a lead to help another job seeker, and in turn someone else might send just the right thing your way.
It seems like another friend or acquaintance of mine loses his/her job every few weeks. We know times are tough and job hunting can be depressing, frustrating, even scary. Let us help.

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