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Monday, August 31, 2009

Web Survey wrap-up coming tomorrow

I'm working on responding to many of your questions and comments. Watch for a new PlainTalk on Tuesday, 9/1/09, in which I'll try to summarize what you told us, and answer as many questions as possible. Thank you - your responses have been truly helpful.

Oh and by the way - yes, Laura, I did add the "My Account" button to the home page after your request. I like to think I know a lot about libraries and a fair amount about Web sites. However, in all my careful planning and research, it did not occur to me that many, many people visit the Web site just to check on the status of their account. That counts as a big "duh" on my part! Your suggestion was an excellent one and I was glad I could easily make it a reality. That's exactly why I created the Web site survey. I meet with vendors, see presentations, and hear a lot about what they think our library's patrons want. It's very important to me that I can respond to them with real patron comments, especially when our patrons have better ideas!

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