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Monday, August 3, 2009

Stretching out summer

I rarely watch television (I don't own one, so I can only indulge when I mooch time on someone else's TV), but last week I caught a few episodes of David Letterman's show. In each of his opening monologues, he groaned about summer flying by too quickly, so I guess even millionaire celebrities struggle with the sensation that time is slipping away from them.

Now, if you're one of those scientific, stick-to-the-calendar types, you know that summer is still very much with us, as Fall will not begin in the Northern hemisphere until September 22, 2009. Weather-wise, we're still waiting on summer, as we've had only a handful of days when the temperature reached "scorching" or even "sultry." I suspect we're due for an unusually sunny and warm September and October, which should help us hang on to our sense of summertime. Nevertheless, school starts SOON, the high season for vacations is happening right now, and like me, you might be feeling like you didn't do anything outside the box this season. Here are a few local suggestions to get you moving and enjoying your summer before it's too late - feel free to add your own in the Comments section.
  • Check out the Des Plaines' History Center's "Gross, Creepy or Cool" exhibit. It features a selection of so-called "oddities" from the Center's collection - you can even vote on which items are grossest, creepiest and coolest. (I don't even have to see the "hair wreath" to know it gross, creepy AND cool, in a real Goth kinda way.)

  • Interested in something more highbrow? The Koehnline Museum of Art at Oakton Community College is hosting a retrospective on painter Joseph Meert, known for his WPA-era murals and credited with saving the life of Jackson Pollock.

  • Start warming up now for the Des Plaines Idol competition: audition materials are due August 28, with the competition held at the lovely Prairie Lakes Theatre on September 12. The contest is open only to singers between 6-18 years old - I guess The Singing Librarians are not eligible!

  • Whoa - here comes Augustfest at St. Zachary's! Local food, bingo, carnival rides and live music, and admission is just a few dollars ($2-3, depending on date/time).

  • Check out the August deals at local park facilities like the Golf Center, Mystic Waters, Lake Park and Mt. View - a deal every day! (Link opens up a PDF file - takes a few seconds to load)
What else? Come on, I know you've got some suggestions. Share them!

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