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Sunday, August 9, 2009

BookChecker - now even better!

We've heard good feedback from you about our BookChecker service.

Don't know what BookChecker is? It's a little piece of Java script (that's Internet code for you non-geeky types) that lives in your browser's bookmarks or "favorites." Once you've saved the BookChecker there, any time you're on a Web site like Amazon or Barnes & Noble and see a book that looks good, go into your bookmarks, click the BookChecker link and you'll find out if we have that book here at DPPL. Pretty neat and can save you money and "buyer's remorse."

Now, as if that wasn't good enough, we've added a second BookChecker to the menu. This one will search all of our consortial libraries at the same time, including DPPL. We know how many of you like to use our system to Place Holds at other libraries, then get the items sent to DPPL for your use. So now BookChecker can help with that, too.

To distinguish between the two: one is called the DPPL BookChecker (checks just our library's holdings), the other is the CCS BookChecker (CCS is the name of our library consortium).

Want more details? Want to get BookChecker saved on your own computer? Visit the BookChecker page on our Web site. After you save the BookCheckers to your bookmarks, please read the additional instructions on the BookChecker page to avoid confusion.

Got questions? Contact me, the Web Services Librarian!
Thanks to Tech Services Librarian John Lavalie for suggestions and help with making BookChecker an even better service.

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