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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Food For Fines - reminder

Just a quick post re: Food For Fines. Food For Fines is going strong here at DPPL. We're collecting many pounds of food every day and happy people are walking away free of overdue fines. Someone wrote to PlainTalk, wondering: if they purchased one of those multi-packs of ramen noodles, would each individual noodle packet erase $1.00 worth of fines? Friends, we leave that up to you. If you have a lot of fines and not much money, we'll accept the individual packets as individual, $1.00 donations. We'd love to see you be more generous and we're delighted with the enthusiasm you are showing for Food For Fines thus far. There's really only one rule that's a deal-breaker: no expired food. And speaking of expiration dates, Food For Fines ends on January 31, 2010, so bring in a bag of food and clear your fines today.

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