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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year - New Focus?

PlainTalk has been chugging along for about 2 1/2 years now and, I admit, it's a struggle some days to understand where I'm going. The initial focus on the blog was to be a community conversation about life in Des Plaines, as well as the day-to-day goings on of the library. I tried spotlighting particular events, library employees and videos, or linking readers to library resources on specific topics, from gardening to love stories. I also tried to get some discussion going about our community - which restaurants are the best? what are your biggest frustrations about Des Plaines? Some of our most vigorous conversations have been about the library's services. I'm really grateful when you tell me what works for you on our Web site and in our online catalog and what does NOT work for you at all.

In 2010, I'm thinking I'd really like to shift back to the community at large. Perhaps, if you're willing to join me, we can build this into the kind of resource I'd imagined - a place where people can look for reviews of local services/shops/restaurants, a place where people can voice their opinions about where Des Plaines should be headed in the future. A place where you can brag about the city or express your disappointments. What do you think? Good idea? I see it as a way of improving and promoting the business community in town. You post something here about a favorite business, or a business that needs to shape up, and believe me, plenty of Google searchers will find what you have to say. (And, just to be clear, you can post your thoughts anonymously. Just please, keep your language and subject matter appropriate to a family-oriented institution) I'll start out in a few days by asking you a pretty simple question: what's the best breakfast spot in town? Start thinking that over - I'll be back in a few days to collect your favorites.

Please accept a "Happy New Year" wish from all of us here at the Des Plaines Public Library. It's a pleasure and an honor to serve you, year after year.

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