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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Death and taxes are often cited as our two great inevitabilities. I'd like to think there are more, such as: every new year, my colleague Gwen, a reference assistant here at DPPL, will be bombarded with boxes of tax forms, waiting to help our patrons with the work of paying taxes or, more cheerfully, receiving a refund. In addition, she and some of our other reference staff will scour the local area, looking for places that can provide free assistance on tax filing and we compile the information on our Web site. If there is no escaping taxes, let us ease some of the burden by pointing you toward free, professional help and all the forms you can carry.

We know it's relatively easy to print your own forms or file online these days.

Get started here for federal forms:
and here for state of Illinois taxes:

However, if you don't have Internet access and/or a home printer, or just want to save some money, why not get your tax forms free at DPPL? We have an enormous selection of forms and publications on our 4th floor. Here's a list - we update it frequently.

Tax forms can be confusing and frustrating. Many people qualify for free tax assistance and perhaps don't realize it. Visit our 2009 Tax Information page to see if you are eligible and where you can go for free tax assistance. To find this information from our Web site, use the "Reference" drop-down menu and choose "2009 Tax Forms/Preparation" or go to the Reference home page and look for the links.

Taxes may be inevitable but the anxiety and confusion the paperwork causes may be a thing of the past - let us help with your 2009 tax needs.

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