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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day Five - Making the Library Your New Year's Resolution

Make your trips to the Library a little bit more organized, and quite frankly a whole lot more stylish, by purchasing a reusable library tote bag for one dollar. Not everyone cares about their looks, I'll grant you that, but nobody wants to be known as the town shlepper. And yes, we know lots of people are selling tote bags for a dollar these days. Spend your dollar at the Library and the money goes toward improving our "green" services, such as the TechnoTrash recycling in our lobby atrium. How is this possible? Through the generosity of our Friends of the Library, who footed the bill for thousands of reusable bags, so we could reap the profits. Buy your dollar bag at the big box store and the money goes...? Exactly.

So buy a bag, or two, or a whole wardrobe. Keep them in the trunk and you'll be ready for trips to the Library, the grocery store, the hardware store, anywhere you've got stuff to carry. Consider using one instead of a paper gift bag. When my washing machine broke down, I used my library bags to carry laundry! Our bags are sturdy, good quality (if you've had a problem with your bag, see us for a refund or a replacement bag, please) and roomy. We think they're a great value for the price and we're proud to partner with One Bag at at Time on this project. One Bag at a Time is a women-owned company whose factories are monitored by a fair trade organization, because we wanted to offer you bags at a reasonable price, not bags made in sweat shops. They believe you can change the world "one bag at a time," and we'd like to do our part.

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