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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Seven - Make the Library Your New Year's Resolution

It's Sunday - a day of rest. So let's make today's tip a super-easy one. Try a One Click Search! Sometimes, finding the items you need in our Library Catalog is...not so easy. (Is it any wonder they make librarians get a Masters' degree? How else to figure all this stuff out?) A One Click Search does the work for you. No guessing at search terms or which button to click - we've figured it out in advance and programmed it into a handy little Web link. Click and next thing you know, you're in our Catalog, browsing through a list of items that's just right for you.

We feature One Click searching in a variety of spots on our Web site. From the Reference dropdown menu or Reference home page, you can choose
"One Click Searches by Topic." Topics include everything from "Actor & Musician Biographies" to "Jackie Chan DVDs," the Chicago Bears, autism and citizenship. What's great about One Click Searching is that the search is "live," meaning if we add anything new, it's automatically pulled into your results, so your One Click Search will update every month or so. If you love our DVD collection, you'll love the separate menu just for DVD searches. You'll find that menu under the "Read/Watch/Listen" dropdown, but it's also part of the One Click Searches by Topic.

Another place you'll find One Click Searches is on our pages for World Language Materials, for both adults and children. If you or someone in your household enjoys reading in a language other than English, or wants to improve their language skills, use those One Click Searches to find books from Polish to Korean.

Sometimes, I include One Click Searches here in PlainTalk and you will often find them in Positively Ellinwood Street, too - so try them out. You'll also find a link to the One Click Searches by Topic in our Library Catalog - just in case you're completely frustrated and want some help, fast. Try a One Click Search today. Want to suggest a topic for a One Click Search? Contact our Readers' Services department with your suggestion by clicking this link.

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