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Monday, January 5, 2009

Fare-thee-well, Toozer

I interrupt the "Get More from Your Library" New Year's resolution theme for just one day, to send condolences to Library staff member Linda Knorr.

Linda and her husband Ken Knorr are also vital members of our Friends of the Library, and, loving family members to Toozer, a pretty darn lucky cat. Toozer has gone on to the great scratching post in the sky, after almost 19 years of meowing and generally charming the socks off all who met him. Toozer's annual birthday parties were the talk of the town, he was featured on the most recent Knorr Christmas card, and, believe it or not, he was one of PlainTalk's most loyal readers! "Now, really," you say, "Get a grip, Karen. He was a cat, he couldn't read." All I know is we got many comments posted here on PlainTalk, signed by none other than Toozer himself. The proof is in the catnip!

Toozer, we hope there are heaping, heavenly bowls of tuna fish in your new home; nice, warm sun rays to nap in; and that by now you've been playfully reunited with your sis, Wonzer. I'll miss hearing from you.


  1. Karen - Thank you so much for the wonderful tribute to Toozer, who was indeed a fan of DPPL and Plain Talk. Who knows, maybe we'll hear from him again from that great scratching post in the sky. He will be greatly missed. ~ Ken & Linda Knorr

  2. I second everything Karen said. My condolences to Linda and Ken. Toozer was fortunate to have them for his family.

  3. Tooz (and Wonz) was (were) very lucky to have Ken and Linda for a dad and mom!

  4. Karen, Thanks for the beautiful tribute to a great cat. Toozer, you will be missed!

  5. Although I never actually met Toozer, I almost felt I knew him through your parties, pictures and conversations. My condolences.
    Michael Kohl

  6. It's been said that cats only allow the most discriminating of people to adopt them. This is a most fitting and memorable tribute to a very literary feline!

  7. We loved seeing pictures of Tooz, hearing what he was up to, and celebrating his birthday in a manner fitting a very important cat. We'll especially miss the sing-a-long (both verses).

    Toozer (and Wonzer) were lucky to have two warm and loving parents. Whenever we use our Toozer catnip, we'll think about that special kitty.

  8. We were honored to have featured Wonzer and Toozer in the Tree House News magazine as well. At our shelter we hope all adopters will be as caring and committed to their cats as Ken and Linda Knorr. Thank you for featuring Toozer's story in Plain Talk. Jenny Schlueter, Tree House Humane Society - Chicago


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