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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day Nine - Make the Library Your New Year's Resolution

Remember the old TV show "Bewitched?" I'm not sure if my memories come from watching the show in prime-time or only in after-school reruns, but I sure loved the program. One of the funniest characters was Gladys Kravitz, the nosy neighbor who always seemed to look out her window at just the right/wrong moment, when the witchcraft was running rampant over at the Stephens' place. Of course, what's funny on TV can be terrifically annoying in real life - if you've ever had a neighbor who spends more time monitoring your comings and goings than her own business, you know that a "Gladys Kravitz" type is no joy to be around.

Yet...don't you want to snoop on your neighbors, just a little bit? Good news: we've given you a really easy, private and legal way to do that. It's our "What's Hot in Des Plaines?" feature. Okay, so it won't exactly allow you to catch your neighbor's husband hiding his giant ears in a beekeeper's helmet. It will give you the inside scoop on what your neighbors are checking out from the Des Plaines Public Library. Go on...give it a click: What's Hot In Des Plaines

Surprise! Your neighbors like love stories and vampires (and probably love stories about vampires). Their favorite authors are tried and true, and they enjoy the best sellers in between some serious studying for the ACT, some knitting and working on that darn résumé. Why am I sharing this with you? Not because I really believe you want to snoop on your neighbors but rather because you may be inspired to try something new from our library if you see what other residents are enjoying. So go ahead and indulge your inner Gladys Kravitz and when you visit our Web site, go to "Read/Watch/Listen" and look for "What's Hot in Des Plaines." We'll never tell!

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  1. We have some good neighbors here in Des Plaines although people tend to keep more to themselves these days so I know fewer people on my block than I did when I was a kid. I tend to see my neighbors more at the library than outside on my block. Maybe part of that is because it's winter and I'm less likely to be outdoors, but I also think it's because people gravitate to the library for so many things now.
    By the way, my favorite snoopy neighbor movie is That Darn Cat! where the neighbors (Elsa Lanchester and William Demarest) argue over what's going on at the Randall house next door when the FBI set up surveillance on D.C. the cat. Great humor to be found at your library!


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